Immunizations Initiative Policy

EverThrive IL updates its organizational policy agenda annually.  The Health Reform Initiative also has a specific policy agenda, highlighting policy priorities for our field.


2017 Immunization Policy Priorities


The Immunization Initiative is a broad-based coalition of public and private sector organizations working together to increase immunization rates and prevent diseases over the life span by promoting the delivery of safe, effective, and timely immunizations.

Priority 1: Protect 317 federal funding which supplies vaccines to Federally Qualified Health Centers and Local Public Health Departments for children and adults who are under-insured and uninsured and provides funding for community based education.

Priority 2: Monitor all immunization policies & legislation introduced and/or implemented, and weigh-in as appropriate.

  • Monitor P.A. 99-0249 (SB1410, Certificate for Religious Exemption) implementation and intended impact.
  • Maintain & strengthen, as appropriate, Medicaid reimbursement policy for vaccine providers.
  • Support policies and legislation that increase the number of hospital and healthcare professionals vaccinated in these settings.
  • Explore school-mandated HPV vaccinations.


Priority 3: Support meaningful data sharing between the state immunization registry (I-CARE) and appropriate healthcare entities.

  • Support an eventual universal mandate to report vaccinations into state immunization registry.
  • Requiring pharmacists to report vaccinations to state immunization registry.
  • Monitor state's initiatives aimed at data system integration, including but not limited to, I-CARE.


Priority 4: Work to strengthen the role of pharmacists in the "immunization neighborhood".


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