Illinois School-Based Health Alliance

Sponsored by the Child and Adolescent Health Initiative at EverThrive Illinois



The Illinois School-Based Health Alliance (ISBHA) works to ensure that children and adolescents are healthy, safe, and ready to learn by advocating for and supporting school health centers (SHCs) as school and community assets. 




  • Children and adolescents have a right to high-quality health care 
  • When children and adolescents have access to high-quality health care, they are better equipped to learn and succeed
  • SHCs are an effective and practical model for delivering high-quality health care to children and adolescents and addressing health inequity
  • SHCs recognize that children and adolescents exist in the context of their family, and they work to engage and support the family whenever possible 
  • SHCs vary by community needs and available resources, but all SHCs bring additional supports and value to schools and their communities

Strategic Priorities

  • Advocate for SHCs and child and adolescent health
  • Support SHC sustainability and growth
  • Provide training and technical assistance to SHCs
  • Improve SHCs' ability to lead in policy and program issues
  • Advance organizational infrastructure




Connect with Us

Regional meetings offer an opportunity for SHC stakeholders to network, share best practices, and learn about relevant topics and resources.


Every spring, EverThrive IL and the ISBHA brings high school students from around the state to Springfield to share their stories and advocate for their SHC 


  • Connect: the ISBHA eNewsletter 

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Research covering topics such as Health Collaboration, Improving Health Outcomes, Substance Abuse, Mental Health and more. 

  • Webinars on relevant topics to SHCs are offered regularly and archived online
  • The annual EverThrive IL MCH conference includes workshops specifically tailored to SHCs

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Additional Resources


Illinois SHC Orientation

Would you like to learn more about School Health Centers (SHCs) in Illinois and the various resources available for SHCs and their staff? Are you a new employee in a SHC and would like information on what the SHC field in Illinois looks like?

This introductory webinar includes information such as: the number and locations of SHCs in Illinois, how SHCs are funded in the State, basic SHC requirements, and the various entities in Illinois that can provide resources, information, and technical assistance to SHCs and SHC staff. Representatives from the Illinois School-Based Health Alliance and from the Illinois Department of Public Health presented this information.



2016 ISBHA Initiatives

In addition to providing ongoing support and resources, the ISBHA has prioritized four area initiatives based on trends in, and feedback from, the SHC field.


2016 ISBHA Field Survey

The ISBHA launched its first Annual Field Survey in June 2016. Download the report to view a summary of the results, which includes data on SHCs in Illinois and feedback on the ISBHA's work.

ISBHA Steering Committee Strategic Factsheet

ISBHA Steering Committee Charter

The ISBHA Steering Committee serves an advisory role to the ISBHA by providing oversight and assisting with the execution of tasks and projects. This charter outlines the role and responsibilities of the Steering Committee.


ISBHA 2017 Steering Committee Slate

The ISBHA Steering Committee is composed of both voting school health center members and non-voting Ex Officio members. While these roles are described in detail in the charter, this slate outlines current members and their areas of expertise. This document is updated to reflect member transitions.