Health Reform Initiative Policy

EverThrive IL updates its organizational policy agenda annually.  The Health Reform Initiative also has a specific policy agenda, highlighting policy priorities for our field.


2017 Health Reform Policy Priorities


The Health Reform Initiative is devoted to the promotion and implementation of positive health care reform policies and the strengthening of Medicaid and other safety net systems in Illinois. We provide education for stakeholders and consumers on the impact of health care laws, while advocating for policies that bring us closer to providing every individual with high quality, comprehensive, accessible, and affordable health care.

Priority 1: Medicaid - Advocate for a transparent, accessible, and robust Medicaid program

  • Defend against efforts to reduce, limit, or weaken funding, eligibility, or services, for the Medicaid program, including but not limited to block granting and per capita limits.
  • Advocate for the protection of funding, eligibility, and services for the ACA Medicaid Expansion population.
  • Protect access for low-income children and families to Medicaid, AllKids and the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP), regardless of immigration status.
  • Advocate for an effective and consumer focused system for managing enrollment and redetermination/renewal in Medicaid and other public benefits.
  • Advocate for a Medicaid Managed Care System that meets the needs of consumers by ensuring a comprehensive set of benefits, including EPSDT benefits, and continuity of care.
  • Defend against efforts at the state and federal level that seek to undo or reduce the aspects of positive health and/or human services system transformation Illinois has undergone thus far.
  • Advocate for transparent, accurate, and up-to-date information on networks, coverage, and cost-sharing in Medicaid Managed Care Plans. This includes advocacy for the implementation of HB6213 - Empowering Meaningful Patient Choice in Medicaid Managed Care and HB2731 - Medicaid Managed Care Transparency Act.


Priority 2: Affordable Care Act (ACA) Protection and Implementation - Protect the positive healthcare gains made through the ACA and continue to facilitate consumer friendly implementation of the ACA

  • Protect against repeal of the ACA and advocate that any replacement policies provide high quality, affordable, and comprehensive care that meets the needs of all consumers.
  • Defend against efforts to undermine enrollment assistance programs, including but not limited to the Navigator program.
  • Ensure that consumers are defended from policies that restrict access to care.
  • Support efforts to strengthen network adequacy requirements to ensure that consumers have meaningful access to care.


Priority 3: Reproductive Justice - Ensure access to comprehensive family planning services regardless of insurance status

  • Ensure health plans have robust coverage for reproductive services and mitigate barriers to care through implementation of the Comprehensive Contraceptive Coverage Act, HB5576.
  • Advocate for a comprehensive family planning safety-net that meets the reproductive health needs of uninsured and underinsured women.
  • Protect access to comprehensive, affordable and accessible abortion services.


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