Adolescent Health Research Database

This database offers literature that’s pertinent to School Health Centers (SHCs) and child and adolescent health. Our hope is that this page will serve as a launching point to reliable research information. We update this page with source information as we identify new, relevant literature. Below you will find a list of articles organized by the following topic areas: 


An item marked with ** indicates that additional credentials or fee is required, but we aim to provide access to as much open information as possible, while supporting the work of advocates across the field.

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Educational Outcomes/Return on Investment

Literature Author/s Source Date Published  Keywords
The Economic Impact of School Based Health Centers Antonio Tijerino & Melanie Shaw Ginn Hispanic Heritage Foundation Jun-12 

Educational Outcomes; Return on Investment; Fundraising; Economic Impact; Stakeholders

Burden of Asthma in Inner-city Elementary Schoolchildren: Do School-based Health Centers Make a Difference?

 Mayris P. Webber, Kelly E. Carpiniello et. all 

JAMA Pediatrics (formally Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine)

 Feb-03 Asthma; Emergency Room visits; Absenteeism; School Based Health Care; Elementary School Children

Do School-Based Health Centers Improve Adolescents' Access to Health Care, Health Status, and Risk-Taking Behavior? **

 Ellen Kisker and Randall Brown Journal of Adolescent Health May-96 Health Status; Access to Care; Behavior; Health Knowledge; Adolescents 

Position Statement on Documentation of the Relationship Between School Based Health Centers and the Academic Accomplishments of Students

 National Assembly on School Based Health Care School-Based Health Alliance Oct-05 Educational Outcomes; Absenteeism; Student Achievement; Behavior; School Improvement

School-Based Health Centers and Academic Performance: Research, Challenges, and Recommendations **

 Geierstanger S, Amaral G, Mansour M, and Walters SR Journal of School Health Nov-04 Educational Outcomes; Student Achievement; School Health Services; School Accountability; Providers

School-Based Health Centers and Academic Performance: What is the Intersection?

 Sara P. Geierstanger & Gorette Amaral School Based Health Alliance Jan-05 

Educational Outcomes; Student Performance; School Health Services; Educational Policy; Academic Performance

The Dropout Crisis: A Public Health Problem and the Role of School-Based Health Care

 Center for School, Health and Education American Public Health Association Sept-13 

Absenteeism; Droupout rates; Educational Outcomes; Prevention; Behavior

The Impact of School-Based Health Centers on the Health Outcomes of Middle School and High School Students **

 Miles McNail, Lauren Lichty, & Brian Mavis American Journal of Public Health Feb-10 Adolescents; Health Outcomes; Chronic Illiness; Prevention; Absenteeism 
The Relationship Between School-Based Health Centers, Rates of Early Dismissal from School, and Loss of Seat Time ** Maureen Van Cura Journal of School Health Aug-10 

Early Dimissal; Absenteeism; School Based Health Care; Academic Outcomes; School Improvement 

Advancing School Based Health Care Policy and Practice

 Jeanita Richardson American Journal of Public Health Sept-10 

Policy; Educational Outcomes; Absenteeism; Editorial; Advocacy

Building on our Success: Moving from Health Care Coverage to Improved Access and Comprehensive well-being for Illinois Children and Youth Mid­America Institute on Poverty of Heartland Alliance Social IMPACT Research Center of Heartland Alliance  Sept-07 

Comprehensive Care; School Based Health; Children's Health; Poverty; Health Access

Clinic in a School

 Bethany Jaegar Illinois Issues Sept-07 

Absenteeism; Student Health; Academic Performance; Health Status; Behavior

Effective Practices: Michigan's Medicaid Matching Initiative Debbie Brison, Rick Murdock, & Paul Reinhart WK Kellogg Foundation Sept-05 

Medicaid; Advocacy; Medical Billing; Organizing; Leveraging Stakeholders

Linking Improvements in Health Related Quality of Life to Reductions in Medicaid Costs Among Students Who Use School Based Health Centers **

 Terrance J. Wade  & Jeff J. Guo  American Journal of Public Health Sept-10 Medicaid; School Based Health; Return on Investment; Adolescents; Quality of Life

School-Based Health Centers: Cost-Benefit Analysis and Impact on Health Care Disparities **

 Jeff J. Guo, Terrance J. Wade, Wei Pan, & Kathryn N. Keller  American Journal of Public Health Sept-10 

Access Barries; Return on Investment; School Based Health Care; Medicaid; Cost Saving






Health Collaboration


 Author/s Source Date Published Keywords

Collaborating with Key School Partners: Triumphs and Challenges **

 Valerie Webb & Brenda Bannor Nursing Clinics of North America Dec-05 

Collaboration; School Nurses; School Based Health Care; School Community; Resource

Health At School: A Hidden Health Care System Emerges From The Shadows

 Julia Graham Lear Health Affairs Mar-07 

School Based Heatlh; Disease Management; Comprehensive Care; Collaboration; Community Collaboration

School Based Health Centers Programs and Facilities

 School Health Connection 

School Health Connection - Lousiana Public Health Institute

 Sept-07 School Health Connection; Restoration; Adolescent; Management; Nurses

Toward a Healthy High School Movement: Strategies of Mobilizing Public Health for Educational Reform **

 Jessica Ruglis & Nicholas Freudenberg                    American Journal of Public Health Sept-10 Health Outcomes; Educational Outcomes; Academic Performance; Adolescents; Graduation Rates
Implemental Successful School-Based Health Centers: Lessons from the Chicago Elev8 Initiative 

Steven Baker, Lauren Rich, Melissa Wojnarowski & Patrick Meehan

 Chapin Hall - University of Chicago 2013  






Health Reform

Literature Author/s Source Date Published  Keywords

School-Based Health Centers: Adapting to Health Care Reform and the Utilization of Health Information 


Denise Holmes                             

 School Community Health Alliance of Michigan Nov-2010 Health Reform; School Based Health; Adolescent; Health Technology; Access Point







Literature Author/s Source Date Published Keywords

Successful Use of Volunteers to Conduct School-located Mass Influenza Vaccination Clinics

 Ginny E Cummings, Elizabeth Ruff, et. all Pediatrics  Jun-12 

Influenza vaccination; Mass vaccination; Immunization programs; School-age Population; School Health Services

Addressing Adolescent Immunization Disparities: A Retrospective Analysis of School-Based Health Center

 Steven Federico, Lisa Abrams, et. all American Journal of Public Health Sept-10 Immunization; Preventative Care; School Based Health Care; Adolescents; Primary Care

Expanding the Recommendations for Annual Influenza Vaccination to School-Age Children in the United States

 Anthony E. Fiore, Scott Epperson, et. all Pediatrics  Sept-11 

Influenza Vaccination; Mass Vaccination; Immunization Programs; School-Age Population; School Health Services

Use of the Emergency Incident Command System for School-located Mass Influenza Vaccination Clinics

 Marsha Fishbane, Anne Kist, & Richard A. Schieber Pediatrics Jun-12 

Influenza; Immunization Programs; Mass Vaccination; School-Age Population; School Health Services

Influenza Vaccinations, Fall 2009: Model School-located Vaccination Clinics **

 CH Jenlink, P Kuehnert, D Mazyck The Journal of School Nurses Aug-10 

Influenza; Influenza Vaccination; School Located Vaccination; Vaccination Program; Program Model

Key Components of a School-Located Vaccination Clinic: Lessons Learned from Fall 2009 **

 CH Jenlink, P Kuehnert, D Mazyck The Journal of School Nurses Aug-10 

Influenza; Influenza Vaccination; School Located Vaccination; Vaccination Program; Mass Vacination

Pediatrician Attitudes Concerning School-located Vaccination Clinics for Seasonal Influenza

 Virginia A. Keane, Andrew R. Hudson, & James C. King Jr.  Pediatrics Mar-10 

Influenza Vaccination; Immunization Programs; Mass Vaccination; School-Age Population; School Health Services

Changes in Tdap and MCV4 Vaccine Coverage following Enactment of a Statewide Requirement of Tdap Vaccination for Entry into Sixth Grade

 Elyse Olshen Kharbanda, Melissa S. Stockwell, et. all American Journal of Public Health     Sept-10 Pertussis; Tdap; Immunization; School Mandar; Meningitis

Now more than ever: building and sustaining capacity for school-located vaccination initiatives **

 Paul Kuehnert The Journal of School Nurses Aug-10 

Influenza; Influenza Vaccination; School Located Vaccination; Vaccination Program; Mass Vaccination

A Theoretic Framework to Consider the Effect of Immunizing Schoolchildren Against Influenza: Implications for Research

 Ira Longini Jr. Pediatrics  Nov-11 

Human Influenza; Influenza Vaccines; Communicable Diseasae Control; Mass Immunization; School Children

Promising Practices for School-located Vaccination Clinics—Part I: Preparation

 John Lott & Jennifer Johnson Pediatrics Jul-12 

Influenza Vaccination; Mass Vaccination; Immunization Programs; School-Age Population; School Health Services

Promising Practices for School-located Vaccination Clinics—Part II: Preparation

 John Lott & Jennifer Johnson Pediatrics Jul-12 

Influenza Vaccination; Mass Vaccination; Immunization Programs; School-Age Population; School Health Services

School-located Vaccination Clinics: Then and Now **

 Donna Mazyck The Journal of School Nurses  Aug-10 

School-Age Children; Vaccination; School-Located Vaccination; School Nurse; Mass Vaccination

Evolution of the Pediatric Influenza Vaccination Program in the United States

 Kathleen M. Neuzil, Anthony E. Fiore, & Richard A. Schieber Pediatrics Mar-10 

Influenza Vaccination; Hospitalization Rates; High Risk; Respitory Function; Vaccination Coverage

Early Experience Conducting School-located Vaccination Programs for Seasonal Influenza

 Richard A. Schieber, Allison Kennedy, & Emily B. Kahn Pediatrics Jan-12 

Influenza Vaccination; Mass Vaccination; Immunization Programs; School-Age Population; School Health Services

Epilogue: School-located Influenza Vaccination During the 2009-2010 Pandemic and Beyond

 Tara M. Vogt & Pascale M. Wortley Pediatrics  Mar-12 

Influenza Vaccination; Mass Vaccination; Immunization Programs; School-Age Population; School Health Services






Improving Health Outcomes

Literature Author/s Source Date Published Keywords

Researchers Identify Four Key Areas to Reduce Health Care Disparities and Save Lives of African Americans and Hispanics

 R Camer The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Oct-09 Health Disparities; African Americans; Hispanics; Intervention; Minority Health
School-Based Health Centers in Chicago: Current Status and Challenges for the Future Brenda Bannor Michael Reese Health Trust Oct-04 

Sustainability; School Based Health; Funding; Return on Investment; Adolescents






Mental Health

Literature Author/s Source Date Published Keywords

An Outcome of the SOS Suicide Prevention Program

 Robert H. Aseltine Jr. & Robert DeMartino American Journal of Public Health Mar-04 

Suicide; High School; Prevention; Suicidal Behavior; Intervention Groups

An Outcome Evaluation of the Sources of Strength Suicide Prevention Program Delivered by Adolescent Peer Leaders in High Schools **

 Peter A. Wyman, C. Hendricks Brown, et. all American Journal of Public Health Sept-10 Suicide; High School; Prevention; Peer Engagement; Prevention Training

Children's Mental Health: An Overview and Key Consideration for Health System Stakeholders

 Karen Landeghem 

National Institute for Health Care Management (NIHCM) Foundation

 Feb-05 Mental Health; Violence Prevention; Children; Social Emotional Development; Medication

Effectiveness of a Quality Improvement Intervention for Adolescent Depression in Primary Care Clinics

 Joan Rosenbaum Asarnow, Lisa H. Jaycox, et. all The Journal of the American Medical Association Jan-05 Depression; Adolescent; Primary Care; Clinics; Intervention

Psychotropic Drugs and Children: Use, Trends, and Implications for Schools


The Center for Health and Health Care in Schools

 Dec-04 Psychotropic Medications; Adolescent; School Based Health Care; Fact Sheet; Depression

School-Based Screening for Suicide Risk: Balancing Costs and Benefits

 Michelle School, Holly Wilcox, et. all American Journal of Public Health Sept-10 Suicide; School Based Health; Screening; Adolescents; High School

Use of Health and Mental Health Services by Adolescents Across Multiple Delivery Sites**

 Linda Juszczak, Paul Melinkovich, & David Kaplan Journal of Adolescent Health Jun-03 

Adolescents; Health Services Accessibility; School Health Services; Primary Health Care; Health Services Utilization







Literature Author/s Source Date Published Keywords

Different Setting, Different Care: Integrating Prevention and Clinical Care in School-Based Health Centers

 Serena Clayton, Teresa Chin, et. all American Journal of Public Health Sept-10 Prevention; Clinical CAre; Access to Care; Public Health; Environmental Change

Reduced Emergency Department Utilization Associate with School-Based Clinic Enrollment **

 Janice D. Key, E. Camille Washington, & Thomas C. Hulsey Journal of Adolescent Health Apr-02 

Emergency Medicine; Adolescence; Preventative Health Services; Primary Health Care; School Health Services

The Role of School Health Centers in Health Care Access and Client Outcomes **


Samira Soleimanpour, Sara P. Geierstanger, et. all 

 American Journal of Public Health Sept-10 Health Access; Health Outcomes; School Based Health Care; School Improvement; Health Status

The School-Based Health Center as a Resource for Prevention and Health Promotion **

 Michael B. Brown & Larry M. Bolen Psychology in the Schools Jan-08 

Prevention; Health Promotion; School Based Health Care; Academic Outcomes; School Psychology

Great Transitions: Preparing Adolescents for a New Century  N/A Carnegie Corporation of New York N/A 

Adolescents; Connecting Communities; Health Promotion; Family Engagment; Health Education

What if There Were No EPSDT N/A  

The Center for Health and Health Care in Schools

 Nov-05 Screening; Diagnostic; Medicaid; Adolescents; Cost Saving






Sexual Health

Literature Author/s Source Date Published Keywords
Adolescent Sexual Risk Behaviors and School Based Sexually Transmitted Infection/HIV Prevention 

Christy M. Walcott, Adena B. Meyers, & Steven Landau

 Psychology in the Schools Jan-08 Intervention; School Psychologists; Sexually Transmitted Diseases; Adolescents; Sexuality 
Bridging the Gap: Using School Based Health Services to Improve Chlamydia Screening Among Young Women ** Rebecca A. Braun & Jackie M. Provost American Journal of Public Health Sept-10 

Health Outcomes; Chlamydia; Young Women; School Based Health Center; Screening Program

School Based Health Centers and the Decline in Black Teen Fertility During the 1990s in Denver, Colorado Sue A. Ricketts & Bruce P. Guernsey American Journal of Public Health Sept-06 

Sexual Behavior; Contraceptive Use; Reproductive Health; Adolescents; School Based Health

The language of love? Verbal versus implied consent at first heterosexual intercourse: Implications for Contraceptive Use 

Jenny A. Higgins, James Trussell, & et. all

 American Jounal of Health Eduacation Aug-10 Sexual Behavior; Consent; Contraceptive Use; College Aged; Sexual Development






Substance Abuse


Literature Author/s Source Date Published Keywords

College and High School Students with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: New Directions in Assessment and Treatment

 Anthony L. Rostain & J. Russell Ramsay ACHA Professional Development Program N/A Attention Deficit; Adolescents; Assessment; Diagnosis; Treatment
Stimulant Medication Issues: Recommendations for Assessing/Managing Inappropriate and Appropriate Uses Anthony L. Rostain & Keith J. Anderson ACHA Professional Development Program N/A 

Stimulants; Substance Abuse; Managing Care; Stimulant Misuse; Adolescents


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