2016 ISBHA Initiatives

In addition to providing ongoing support and resources, the following are current initiatives that the Illinois School-Based Health Alliance (ISBHA) has prioritized based on trends in, and feedback from, the SHC field.

1. Financing of Behavioral Health Services

There has been an increased concern on how to finance behavioral health services in SHCs as the demand for these services has increased. To tackle this issue, the ISBHA has formed a Behavioral Health Workgroup, which has the goal of understanding opportunities and addressing various challenges that exist in relation to the financing of behavioral health services.

2. Medicaid Managed Care

Another focus of the ISBHA is assisting SHCs with the transition to Medicaid Managed Care. This includes providing technical assistance and disseminating information on managed care to improve SHCs’ billing and contracting in managed care regions. We will be hosting a billing webinar series that will aim to provide resources and information on how to more effectively transition to managed care.


3. Leveraging Data

Additionally, the ISBHA is focused on improving how the SHC field can leverage data to improve services and measure impact. This includes both utilizing data at an individual center level, as well as disseminating information on the field’s performance and articulating the value of the SHC model. 

4.Youth Engagement

Last but not least, the ISBHA is focused on increasing youth involvement and engagement with the ISBHA. We are in the process of reforming our Youth Advisory Council (YAC), which will engage youth representatives from SHCs statewide. The YAC allows youth to advocate for their own health and maintains youth voice in the ISBHA’s advocacy and practice efforts. 




The Illinois School-Based Health Alliance 

The Illinois School-Based Health Alliance (ISBHA) works to ensure that children and adolescents are healthy, safe, and ready to learn by advocating for and supporting school health centers (SHCs) as school and community assets.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016