Spring 2016 Legislative Initiatives

EverThrive Illinois played a lead role in the coalitions working on the below three bills this State Spring Legislative Session:


HB5576 - The Comprehensive Contraceptive Coverage Act 

Representative Nekritz

Senator Hutchinson

This bill builds on state and federal regulation to improve access to the full range of contraceptive options for all people in Illinois with insurance. 

HB5576 Fact Sheet

HB5576 Cost Savings

HB5576 Opposition Talking Points




HB6213 - The Empowering Meaningful Patient Choice in Medicaid Managed Care Act

Representative Ammons

Senator Daniel Biss

This bill has two goals: It reduces the information gap that currently exists for Medicaid recipients in managed care, and it increases overall transparency within the Medicaid Managed Care system. 

HB6213 Fact Sheet



SB2331 - Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) in Medicaid Managed Care trailer bill 

Senator Daniel Biss

Representative Christian Mitchell 

SB2331 is a trailer bill to HB2812 (P.A. 99-0181) which became law last year. This law instructs IL Medicaid Managed Care Entities to suppress the sharing of claim related information with their members when it comes to specific "sensitive health services". In the law, "sensitive health services" mean mental health services, substance abuse treatment services, reproductive health services, family planning services, services for sexually transmitted infections and sexually transmitted diseases, and services for sexual assault or domestic abuse. Services include prevention, screening, consultation, examination, treatment, or follow-up. SB2331 addresses a concern raised by a stakeholder with the law EverThrive IL helped pass last year. SB2331 clarifies that Business Associates of Medicaid Managed Care Entities can continue to communicate and share information with their contracted Medicaid Managed Care Entities and the providers within the contracted Medicaid Managed Care Entities. This was the initial intent of the original law so this trailer bill clarifies this intent. 



The below three bills are also on EverThrive IL's priority bill list this Spring State Legislative Session. EverThrive IL provided support to the coalitions that led the advocacy efforts to pass the below three bills.


HB5736, the AllKids Program sunset date extension bill, ensures that about 40,000 Illinois children continue to have access to health insurance through the AllKids program by extending the sunset date for this program from June 30, 2016 to October 1, 2019. 

HB5736 Fact Sheet 



SB2393, the Breakfast After the Bell legislation, embraces proven best practices to overcome barriers that keep kids from eating breakfast in the morning, leading to stronger academic performance and reduced absenteeism among students. 

SB2393 Fact Sheet


SB3007, the Survivor Support and Trafficking Prevention Act provides survivors of human trafficking, torture and other serious crimes with access to critical benefits while they are waiting for visas. 

SB3007 Fact Sheet


For more information, please contact Nadeen Israel, Policy Director.