Illinois' Behavioral Health 1115 Waiver Application - EverThrive IL's Comments

As a non-profit organization experienced in Illinois’ maternal and child health program and advocacy efforts for over 27 years, EverThrive Illinois works to improve the health of Illinois women, children, adolescents and families over the lifespan through community engagement, partnerships, policy analysis, education, and advocacy. Through the work of our five initiative areas - Maternal and Infant Mortality, Child and Adolescent Health, Health Reform, Healthy Lifestyles, and Immunization - as well as the organization's policy advocacy work, we have developed expertise in Medicaid policy, policies implementing the Affordable Care Act Marketplace, policies aimed at reducing maternal and infant mortality, and policies impacting the health and well being of children and adolescents. With our health advocacy partners, we work to strengthen policies that assist populations who are living with mental illness and/or substance use disorder and need access to appropriate treatment options. These populations may be individuals involved in the justice system, at-risk youth, children experiencing trauma, and/or people experiencing homelessness, mental illness or other chronic conditions.


We have thoroughly reviewed Illinois' 1115 Waiver application and participated in the September 9, 2016 public hearing held in Chicago. We will continue to participate in other public involvement opportunities provided by the state related to the 1115 Waiver and the broader Illinois Health and Human Services Transformation (HHS) (e.g. HHS Consumer Advocates Working Group). EverThrive IL respectfully submits the following comments and recommendations related to Illinois' 1115 Waiver application and welcomes the opportunity to provide further information or clarification if needed.


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