Governor Rauner's Proposed FY2017 Budget

February 29, 2016
The below memo details a preliminary analysis of Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner’s Fiscal Year 2017 (FY17) Proposed Budget. It provides an overarching view of important health and human services priorities within the Governor's proposed FY17 Illinois state budget.
Overall, the Governor’s proposed FY17 Budget has a $3.5 Billion shortfall. The shortfall can be plugged through raising revenue, through cuts, or through a combination of raising revenue and some cuts. EverThrive Illinois' position is that any state budget shortfall, whether for FY16 or FY17, should be plugged through raising the necessary revenue in a responsible and fair way.
In his FY17 budget address, the Governor put forth two paths for the General Assembly to choose from.
Path A would be the General Assembly agreeing to items on the Governor's TurnAround Agenda and then working with the Governor to raise revenue and enact cuts to balance the budget.
Path B would be the General Assembly giving Governor Rauner authority to cut his way through the budget, to the tune of $3.5 billion, in order to have a balanced budget. The Governor has proposed legislation, the Unbalanced Budget Response Act, that would give him such broad authority to make these drastic cuts, should the General Assembly choose Path B.
In his FY17 Budget Address, Governor Rauner did not put forth any specific revenue generating ideas, or a specific number that the state needs to generate in increased revenue, that he supported.
EverThrive Illinois' position is for the Governor and General Assembly to work together to pass a responsible budget that invests in Illinois families and communities and to raise the revenue necessary, in a fair manner, to fund both the FY16 and FY17 state budgets.
Since we are in month 8 without an enacted FY16 budget, the below compares the funding levels in the Governor's FY17 proposed budget vs. the funding levels in the Governor's FY16 proposed budget. When available and appropriate, the below also compares the Governor's FY17 proposed budget vs. the FY15 funding level.

Governor's Proposed FY17 Budget - Download Full Memo here