Cooking Matters

Cooking Matters

Share Our Strength’s Cooking Matters empowers families at risk of hunger with the skills, knowledge and confidence to make healthy and affordable meals. Through hands-on classes taught by volunteer culinary and nutrition experts, course participants learn how to select nutritious and low-cost ingredients and prepare them in ways that provide the best nourishment possible to their families. Cooking Matters play a critical role in Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry Campaign, a national effort to end childhood hunger in America by 2015.


Cooking Matters specialized curricula cover practical nutrition information, hands-on food preparation, and food budgeting and shopping. All participants receive recipes and other educational materials from the lessons, and adult and teen participants take home a bag of groceries each week to practice what they’ve learned in class at home.


Cooking Matters courses are designed as five weekly, two-hour lessons. The different courses offered are as follows:


Cooking Matters for Adults teaches low-income adults about healthy meal preparation and sensible shopping on a limited budget.

Cooking Matters for Kids teaches children in 3rd through 5th grade how to prepare healthy meals and snacks and to make smart choices wherever they go—at school, at home, at the store, or out to eat.

Cooking Matters for Families brings school-aged children and their families together to learn about healthy eating, planning meals as a family, and working together in the kitchen.

Cooking Matters for Teens teaches adolescents in 6th grade and up how to make healthy food choices and prepare healthy meals and snacks.

Cooking Matters for Child Care Professionals teaches child care professionals about healthy meal preparation and creating a healthy food environment for the kids in their care.


For those who want to offer an additional one-time course, Cooking Matters is a guided grocery store tool that helps low-income adults make healthy and affordable choices at the supermarket and includes Cooking Matters for Adults and Cooking Matters for WIC Parents.