Call Congress NOW at (202) 224 - 3121 and demand they stop using children's health care as a bargaining chip!

After over one hundred days without a budget and continued funding for vital health programs, Congress has failed to do either, and instead is using CHIP as a bargaining tool pitting children's health against DREAMers. Last night, the House passed a short term extension that left many essential programs without any long term solution. Today we wait for the Senate to act to avert a federal government shutdown. 

As the Illinois State House begins its spring legislative session on January 23, and the Illinois General Assembly begins to shape next year's budget, EverThrive IL continues to push for sustainable, adequate funding for the critical services children and families need to thrive. At the federal level, a new tax bill passed by Congress in late 2017 is beginning to take shape in Illinois as we mark 100 days since CHIP Funding has expired.




Zero To Three Policy Center and the Center for Law and Social Poverty have released four papers making the case for national investment in babies' good health. Download the full policy briefs and find out more: